Barbi Featured in Columbus CEO Magazine

Barbi Tuckerman, owner of B. Tuckerman Unique Eyewear in Grandview, a boutique eyewear store feature hundreds of frame designs. (Tim Johnson/CEO)

Barbi earned the Small Business Spotlight for the March 2015 issue!

By Melissa Kossler Dutton

From Columbus CEO Magazine:

Barbi Tuckerman sees differently than most people. The owner of B. Tuckerman Unique Eyewear constantly finds herself assessing people’s faces and mentally fitting them for eyewear. “I have an innate ability—I can look at a face and tell you what frames you need to wear,” she says.

Her customers and vendors agree.
“She knows what will look best on you even before you put it on your face,” agrees Julie Honeycut, a brand ambassador for Theo Eyewear. The company, which is headquartered in Belgium, is one of Tuckerman’s most popular brands.

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B. Tuckerman Eyewear will find the best frames for your face