A Legacy of the Optical World



LEF Insights: Barbi Tuckerman

The Luxury Eyewear Forum calls Barbi an optical legend. Her father and uncle were both optometrists, as well as her brother, Steve. At the tender age of 3, Barbi began visiting her father’s practice, and of course, we all know she ended up in the lab. To Barbi, the optical world is her home. Her passion for color and design, coupled with her vast knowledge of the industry, have kept her successfully practicing for 39 years.

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Barbi Tuckerman: Frame Designer

Francis Klein is a line from Paris that I custom design for my store, typically with certain clients in mind. I decide on frame color, what type of embellishments I want and their placement. Sometimes I use Swarovski crystals and sometimes I use pearls. Beads are also very popular as well as fabrics embedded in the frames. I go over the top on this line creating the most magnificent, unique product that represents my love of eyewear.