About Us

Barbi Tuckerman LDO

Owner, B.Tuckerman Unique Eyewear

Dubbed as the “Eyewear Queen”, Barbi Tuckerman has given new exciting and expressive meaning to the phrase four eyes. She has helped streamline the look, attitude and self-confidence of her customers who eagerly listen and actively participate in how a pair of frames should fit the entire body including proportion, color, shape and design. Barbi is an artist at heart, using the human face as her canvas.

As a little girl, Barbi discovered that making designs with the colorful patterns of glass used to make lenses in her father’s lab at work was far more fascinating than coloring inside the lines with Crayola crayons. That love of color and spark of individuality were the catalysts for Barbi, who grew up helping people pay as much attention to the fashion of eyewear as to a pair of Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals.

As the owner of B.Tuckerman Unique Eyewear (Previously EyeOne), Barbi’s exceptional ability to connect with people helps them stretch their imagination as well as their comfort zone with the wink of an eye.

After all, wearing glasses should be fun, not a chore.
A fashion statement, not a fashion disaster.